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                The SCCs Stories Database has been created to provide searchable, user-friendly access to a large collection of stories (of which 8 stories are presently in the database) on Small Christian Communities (SCCs) from around the world. This feature enables users to find SCCs stories for a wide variety of interests and occasions. The content of this database is made up of stories containing over 140 different themes and sub-themes. The stories integrated in this database are in the public domain and can be re-used and interpreted as you wish. If you use a story please acknowledge the source. If you use a story we would appreciate you letting the Moderator ( know so we can share this news with others.

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1.       How to Contribute SCC Stories to this Database

                If you have a new SCC story to add to this database, please send it to the Moderator ( If you would like some help first, then submit your story with your contact information to your Story Coordinator who will be willing to work together with you. Click on the Contact Us page to find the Story Coordinator for your country.  Below are some ideas for you to consider addressing:

  • General information about your SCC: Name, how and when it got started (i.e. at a parish meeting, by an individual in your parish, directed by your parish priest, at a workshop, etc.), size, just men/women or mixed, singles, couples, young adults, young married couples/parents, children. How often and where does your SCC gather?
  • Geographic information: Name of parish/diocese your SCC is associated with, city, state, country, continent. If not associated with a parish, how do you draw members? What parishes or religious organizations do your members belong to? What resource(s) has your community used during your gathering time? (i.e. Bible, Missal, Prayer Book, Quest, RENEW International Resources, Little Rock Resources, etc.) What do you like most about the resource(s) you use?
  • How has your SCC experience transformed you or other members?
  • What has been the best experience(s) you/other members have had in your SCC?
  • How has your SCC experience drawn you/other members toward outreach, evangelization, or special activities within your own home, parish, local community, wider community?
  • What inspires your SCC members to take action in your parish ministries and other church activities and/or to help in transforming them?
  • What special activities as a SCC have you experienced? (i.e. retreats, pilgrimages, fund raisers, workshops, SCC Convocations, etc.). How did these experiences affect your SCC?
  • What factors have kept your SCC together for the duration of time you have been gathering?

               If possible, we would appreciate one or two photographs of your SCC members included in your SCC Story. Thank you for submitting and sharing the experiences of your SCCs. Your story will be an inspiration to other SCCs.

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